3 months later…

Sorry for being the worst at upkeeping this blog. I really need an accountabilibuddy to push me to keep posting when I just don't feel like it. Anyone want the job? lol So it's been a solid three months since I posted a blog. I believe I promised updates and pictures, I can't totally remember … Continue reading 3 months later…


My Word for the Year

I know I've been promising an update post, but I'm still kinda waiting to see if a few different things pan out before I write about what I'm up to these days. So instead I wanted to write about a thing I've been working on all year long. If you're wondering what my title means by … Continue reading My Word for the Year

GWP pt5

My newest playlist is here. I feel like this one got a little dark, though there's some light ones in there too. The Postal Service song is maybe my favorite, I've somehow never heard it before! Added that one to my 'need a pick-me-up' playlist. Until next time, Be well, friends!

Mental Illness in the Media: John Green’s new book and the importance of “own voices”

If you somehow haven't heard yet, John Green, author of The Fault in Our Stars, is publishing a new book this fall after over a five year wait. If you've read my other post about John and his YouTube channel then you know I'm a pretty big fan. So, regardless of the content, I was … Continue reading Mental Illness in the Media: John Green’s new book and the importance of “own voices”

Get Well Playlist 4

This might be the best playlist I've made so far. It has my favorite song by my favorite band (Motion City Soundtrack), plus a bunch of songs that I found recently. Let me know if you hear anything that you like!  Until next time,  Be well, friends!