Quick thoughts on: Turtles All the Way Down (NO SPOILERS) 

Warning: If you struggle with intrusive thoughts yourself then you’re going to want to be careful when deciding to read this book. If you’re not in good health then reading this book may be too disturbing, and even if you’re in good health now be aware of how these intense scenes will stick with you.

 I don’t suffer from the same type of intrusive thoughts as Aza, and I’m in a fine place to read this book, but in the first few days after finishing I had to remind myself that I’M not afraid of getting C. diff and I don’t have to worry about the things Aza did. Some of my thoughts are health related, so I probably didn’t do myself a huge favor by adding all this information to my anxiety-bank, but for me, seeing a character who reflected typically unseen parts of the struggles with mental illness made reading this book definitely worth it. 

I read The Fault in Our Stars in a day. I’ve also never had cancer or lost anyone to it. That story was heartbreaking, but it didn’t break me. TAtWD broke me bit by bit. Aza’s a funny girl, she’s introspective and when she’s not consumed by her thoughts she’s a good friend. To see her seamlessly phase from that girl to a tight, downward spiral of fear chipped away that much more of my composure because I’ve been her before; I’m still that girl sometimes.

After several days and a million little breaks I finished the book and I honestly felt hopeful, for Aza and for myself. I’ve already seen other friends say they loved it, but they’ll never reread because it’s too intense. I look forward to rereading it someday, and recommending it to people who want to know what it’s like to survive and thrive with mental illness. Basically this is just a post confirming my endorsement of John Green’s latest novel.

I won’t say much more, since this is a spoiler free post, but maybe in a couple months I’ll gather my thoughts on all the wonderful details in TAtWD and everyone who’s read it can discuss. If you’ve already read it let me know whatcha think in the comments! (No spoilers, please)

I’m still working on an update post, but we’re going out of town next weekend so we’ll see if I manage that before we leave. 
Until then,

Be well, friends! 

Rocks I painted for TAtWD


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