Self care pt2 – Give Yourself a Reason to Read

  I love to read. As a writer, it's unsurprisingly one of my main hobbies. You'd think I'd be slaying books left and right since I'm not working and I spend the majority of my time alone. But you'd be wrong. Besides my appetite and my ability to deal with conflict, my attention span has … Continue reading Self care pt2 – Give Yourself a Reason to Read


Get Well Playlist 2017 pt2 

Finally the second installment of my Get Well playlist is here! I've been adding to this one since I shared pt1 and now I have enough to dub it a legit pt2. Most of these songs have just popped up on Spotify radio and caught my ear as the right theme(ish) for the playlist. The … Continue reading Get Well Playlist 2017 pt2