Self care pt1 – YouTube it up

In these trying times it’s good to have some go-to media to cheer yourself up. Constant, nagging stress is a symptom of my anxiety that I can occasionally quell by finding something to learn about or laugh at, so that’s what I do. Here I’m just gunna share a few of my favorite channels, what they’re about, and why I like them.

Family Vlogs:

I’ve mentioned before that I have an affinity for family vlogs. Starting a family of our own is something that I very much look forward to, and while we’re working towards that I get my cute kid fix from watching these young families figure out life together. These kind of vlogs are probably not for everyone, but if you enjoy cute kid videos then check out these channels! 

The Murray’s – A family of (soon to be) seven! Jon and Danielle have four daughters and another baby on the way. Their parody birth announcement videos are what turned me on to their channel. 

The Cino’s – Another little family vlog that follows young parents, Anthony and Shyla, as they raise their one year old daughter. I don’t even remember how I found this channel but I really enjoy seeing how people live in another part of the country, plus their daughter is such a doll! Check out their latest video

The McClure’s – This is a channel featuring the cutest three year old twins ever! Watching them interact with each other and with their parents never fails to make me laugh. I found this channel after a friend shared one of their videos and now I share them all the time because come on, cuteness

Comedy channels: 

These are some of the channels I’ve found that regularly upload videos that make my day. 

La Guardia Cross – This is the channel from my post The Redo. That series of videos was pretty heavy, but generally La Guardia posts really funny videos with his daughter. And with another little girl on the way, I imagine his videos will only get better. (Posted in comedy rather than family because they’re more sketches than vlogs)

Just Between Us – This is a comedy sketch channel that I just adore. I love that it’s made by and about young women figuring out how to grow up and they aren’t afraid to explore how weird/awkward/ugly/hilarious that can be. 

Anna Akana – I don’t know how I found this channel, but Anna’s videos are like a gift from the comedy gods. She is a girl after my own heart. Cat obsessed, dorky, thoughtful, and sometimes really sad, what more could you want? I’ve watched one of her latest videos at least five times.

Educational Channels:

These are channels that post videos I find illuminating. Most are book/writing based since that’s where my interests are. 

bookishpixie – Ava Jae is a writer who makes regular videos all about the writing process. I actually found her channel before I found her book, Beyond the Red. Both the channel and book are great, and if you like reading sci-fi or writing I highly suggest them.

Thug Notes – This is a channel I found while in college. The tag line is, “Get the down-low on 90+ iconic literary works!” and how can you not love that? He covers everything from Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, Tolkien, Dr. Seuss, and more

Annie Elainey – Annie makes videos that primarily focus on social justice issues, particularly those from the disability, LGBTQ, and WOC communities. She is endlessly creative as she discusses difficult topics like accessibility and chronic illness. On days where the world’s problems feel too heavy, it helps to remind myself the world is filled with fighters. 

And a random *bonus* video! You’ll recognize Hank Green from my post about the Vlogbrothers. Watch as he asks YouTubers to laugh without smiling, then try it yourself. This is going to be my new go-to for when I’m in a dark mood and need a laugh. 

I hope somewhere in this list everyone finds something to lighten their load today. And as always, if you have any videos that help lift you up when you’re down then please link in the comments. Now you know a bit of what I’m into so don’t hesitate to share!

Be well, friends! 


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