Mental Illness in the Media: The Hilarious World of Depression Podcast

Are you a fan of podcasts? It seems like most people either have a laundry list of favorite podcasts (just ask and I’ll share mine) or they’ve pretty much never explored this medium at all. If you don’t indulge in podcasts I ask you to reconsider for a moment. I have just found a new podcast that centers entirely on mental illness and ending the stigmatization of living with mental illness. 

Honestly, when I say I just found it I mean just. Like I stumbled across an article about this podcast, found it, downloaded it, listened to the 3 1/2 minute intro episode, and then went to write this post. I’m not totally sure it’ll be as great as I expect, but I’ve listened to another awesome podcast hosted by John Moe, so between that and the comedian guests (Maria Bamford, Andy Richter, and Michael Ian Black to name a few) I’m rather excited to listen to honest, funny talk about mental illness and the ability to succeed despite the struggles. 

This podcast is relatively new, just starting in December of 2016, but the seven episodes that are available now should be a good taste of what this podcast has to offer. 

I’m gunna keep this post short and sweet so I can get back to listening, and hopefully laughing. I’ll check back in once I’ve finished a few episodes. If you check out this podcast, or have suggestions for others (doesn’t have to be mental illness related) please let me know in the comments! I’m always looking for new stimulation for this racing, distracted mind of mine. 

Until next time, 

Be well! 


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