Vlogbrothers and Mental Illness 

This is a post I’ve been excited to write since I had the idea for this series and until now I’ve been too lazy to go and track down the videos I wanted to share. But finally I have done it! Hooray for middle of the night freakouts that spur action, huh? 

If you’re unaware, the Vlogbrothers are John and Hank Green, and they’ve been making YouTube videos for 10 years now. 

John, who is a fairly famous writer these days, was introduced to me in my senior year of high school via his books Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns. The following year I found their YouTube channel and became a fan of Hank Green as well. I’ve spent the last six and a half years watching all of their videos, becoming a proud member of their online community known as the Nerdfighters, and admiring how they’ve each taken their innate curiosity and creativity and spun that shit into what almost anyone would call incredible success. 

If you can’t tell, I hold them in pretty high regard. That’s why whenever I watched one of their videos about illness I felt like someone was finally saying the words I desperately needed to hear. Sentiments like “It gets better” and “You can still succeed” feel hollow when you’re in the middle of a breakdown and you don’t have concrete proof in front of you. But these guys are proof, at least to me. Turns out it IS possible to be both unwell and have value, to struggle and still contribute to the world. 

The playlist I made consists of primarily John videos because he is the brother who deals with and talks about his mental health issues the most. (Hank has a chronic physical illness that still make his thoughts on living with illness relevant and meaningful.)

I kinda thought there were more videos on this subject from them, but this is what I found today. If I find more I will update the playlist and the post. (Also, they have a podcast that certainly discusses mental illness but that’ll be a different post because gathering all that is gunna take more effort than I have to spare right now.)

After you’ve watched the videos (only five, totaling about half an hour) let me know whatcha think! Did you know who John and Hank were before this post? Did their videos inspire you as much as they did me? Are there other YouTubers who post about mental illness that you enjoy? 

Your comments are the lifeblood of this weird little blog so let’s have a conversation! 
Be well, 


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