YouTube watching robot

Tried to write a post today. Failed to write a post today. Feeling a lot like a robot going through the motions. Found a video that made me laugh, so now I'm sinking into this channel for the next two hours to enjoy internet access before going home with my husband to watch the game. … Continue reading YouTube watching robot


Random bits

Sorry I've been MIA. Life got busy fast in the last two weeks. My husband started a new job, we went out of town, celebrated a birthday, and then my mom came to visit.  And honestly, I haven't felt much like pulling my thoughts together lately. Most of the time I just let them shift … Continue reading Random bits

Depictions of Mental Health in the Harry Potter Series

It would seem that everyone is familiar with the tales of the boy wizard, his magical world, and the dark dangers that lurk there, but I'll recap the relevant bits for those who don't spend their lives reading and researching Harry Potter. During Harry's many adventures he comes across a race of creatures who fill … Continue reading Depictions of Mental Health in the Harry Potter Series