Slow Goings and a Sorta Blog Schedule

It’s been over a week since my last post. Though I have a bunch of ideas, even a few rough drafts floating around on my phone, I just haven’t felt like writing all that much. That’s depression for ya.

It sucks having something I want to do, to have thoughts I’m really excited to share, but no motivation to write them out or get them posted.

I’m going to attempt to remedy this problem with a schedule. I’ve found over the years that I thrive when I have a hard deadline to keep. Having an expectation to get something done will *hopefully* counterbalance the days when I feel too blah to work on anything.

So if you’re following along at all, maybe drop me a line if you notice that I miss a scheduled post or if you enjoy what I’m writing. The feedback I’ve gotten so far, on the blog and on Facebook, has been an incredible motivator and has given me a great emotional boost as I continue my journey.

Blog schedule:

Mental Health in the Media Mondays – I’ll introduce this idea more in a later post, but basically I’ll be exploring how mental health is portrayed in the media and how, as someone struggling with mental health, these portrayals affect my struggle to get help and get well.

Catchin up Wednesdays – Here I’ll be updating my progress in therapy and sharing the strategies I’ve learned to combat my anxiety and depression.

Creative Fridays – I’ve found that I feel a whole lot better when I try to express myself creatively on a regular basis, so I’m going to attempt to reserve Fridays for more doodles, scribbles, making playlists, and maybe trying whole new types of artistic expression.

This is just a general schedule of what I hope to be posting weekly. Random posts may pop up from time to time if I feel so inspired, but for the most part be expecting about three posts a week from here on out.

If you have any suggestions for a post you’d like to see feel free to drop me a line!


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